Microsoft To Acquire Nokia This Friday

All is now set for the official take over of Nokia by Microsoft.

Microsoft’s $7.2-billion acquisition of Finnish Smartphone maker Nokia will be complete on Friday after months of waiting for regulatory approvals in several countries.

Who really are the big spenders in London

London the UK capital always attracts shoppers from all over the world, from Asia to Africa from Africa to the Americans and indead Europe sees throngs of dedicated shoppers cram its countless department stores, boutiques and market stalls, keen to get their hands on the latest fashion trends and product offers.

But it's not just domestic spend that's keeping the tills ringing in London. While the vibrant city's high-end stores are no strangers to overseas visitors, with those from the Middle East typically spending the most, a surprising new contender has emerged in recent times as a big spender in the international market -- Nigeria.

According to CNN Nigeria and indead Africa is growing from strength to strength and particularly in the last 12 to 18 months london has seen Nigeria come through incredibly strongly, in shopping. The situation is best explained by Sue west the director of operations at one of London department stores.

"It is a very broad base so we still very much have a strong Chinese
base, a strong Middle East base, Russia is there, the BRICs nations as you imagine, but Nigeria seems to be coming through very strongly at the moment as well. The former British colony is Africa's most populous nation as well as the continent's top oil producer.

According to African Economic Outlook (AEO), Nigeria'seconomic growth has averaged about 7.4% annually over the past decade, creating a wealthier Nigerian elite with a large spending power. At the same time, however, AEO says that robust economic growth has not reduced poverty in the country, with about two thirds of its population living on less than $1 per day.

Home to a large African diaspora, the UK is a popular travel
destination for Nigerians visiting friends and relatives, going on
holidays or conducting business.
Daily flights between Nigeria and the UK have increased in recent
years, with airlines such as BritishAirways allowing Nigerian
customers an additional 23kg of baggage free of charge.

Warning! P.Square Music Should You Listen and Download?

P.Square music

You need to know yes you need to know otherwise you might just end up listening to musics and songs uplifting Illuminati and other

Apply For MTN Foundation Science & Technology Scholarship Award For Nigerians 2014

About Scholarship

MTN Nigeria Foundation will provide financial support to eligible Science and Technology students in accredited educational public universities,

Easy Way To Join The Illuminati And Get Fame And Money Free

The real illuminati is not for fools, it's for people with vision, men and women, gentlemen and ladies excluding childrens who are looking to get famous, who wants to get rich quick and make money quick

Arsenal Through To FA Cup Finals Match Report

Arsene Wenger's 9 year old trophyless era seems to be coming to an end as Arsenal have qualified for the final of the FA Cup courtesy of 4-2 penalty victory over Wigan Athletic at the Wembley stadium.

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